Friday, September 10, 2010

Prolog, Expectations, and Goals for the Year

After reading the prolog in our textbook and the class expectations on the website, I can conclude that this year will be nothing like IPS. The only similarity that I can think of is that we will have labs and lab reports. Although we will have these labs, I can already tell that the things we will be testing are going to be completely different from separating Sludge and taking the boiling points. Although this course is clearly going to be different from any Science we've taken, I can say that I'm excited. I think it will be really exciting to learn about your DNA, and testing it for yourself (I saw the 9th graders last year testing it). My goals for this year are to fully understand the material, and be able to use it in other contexts. Using technology to get to this goal can definitely help. One example of this is using this blog to look through everything. I like how this year, all or a lot of our work will be filled out on our own blog, so if we are confused, or need to remember a lab, or a homework response that we posted, we can just scroll down and find it.

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  1. You are right, biology is much different than IPS. Our approach to labs will be similar, but the content will be quite different. I'm glad you are excited about the bog; I think it will be a nice way to collect and keep track of work as well.