Monday, October 25, 2010

Cell Community Comparisons

This week for our blog post, we had to make a Glogster comparing a cell community to any community that we wanted. I chose the New York Yankees, because I believe their team and organization make a great comparison towards eukaryotic cells. Click on the blog below to see this glog.


  1. Go Yankees! I really liked your blog Megan! It was super easy to follow, and the arrows really helped show which part of the team related to each part of the cell!

  2. Really nice post megan. Its very clear and organized. I also really liked how creative you got you didnt just use players. You included lots of other things and it was very clever.

  3. Hey Megan
    I really like your Glog! It's very clear and easy to follow, and I really like your comparisons.
    Killer Glog.

  4. Hey Megan!
    I love this glog! The comparisons make the cell structure much more easy to understand and I love the Yankees! I really liked the comparison of the MLB to the cytoplasm. By the way, the stadium looks a lot like a cell membrane. Strange coincidence...?